Case Studies

Here are just some of the ways in which we have helped organisations to build stronger reputations.

Reputation of Highways England

Highways Agency

Strategic roads network operator for the UK.

Reputation Need -  To protect and enhance reputation through prior, during and beyond its rebrand. 

What We Did -  Our reputation Tracker and Fingerprint defined the agency’s current identity and image among all key stakeholders. An audit of digital relationships and emotions was undertaken to inform strategy. 

Outcomes – Working with reputation insight and the leadership team we co-designed a reputation strategy that included specific operational changes, to inform new brand identify and positioning to Highways England.


Reputation of Guardian


Tracking the impact of content partnerships

Reputation Need – A method for assessing the ROI for its commercial partners commissioning content partnerships.  Especially important when the purpose of the partnership is to build reputation or respect rather than achieve a clear commercial goal.

What we did – Developed a methodology to benchmark and then track the reputation of partner brands amongst its key audiences, looking at the impact and influence of these content partnerships over the partnership periods.

Outcome – We have grown to become the largest external supplier to Guardian Labs (the division responsible for its commercial partnerships) and have become an important partner in shaping the strategy and content of its partnerships, advising on how best to influence reputation and create empathy with its target audiences.


Reputation Management Transport For London

Transport For London (TFL)

London Strategic Transport Operator

Reputation Need – To test established performance measures among stakeholders to more accurately understand which issues were the key drivers of its reputation in order to prioritise investments across network and staff. 

What We Did - We undertook reputation tracker and analysed over 1million customer comments before using them to highlight key pain points, the scale of each issue and the rise or decline in performance.  to help inform future investment decisions.

Outcomes -  TFL was able inform future investment decisions including re- allocating resources based on improving its reputation KPIs with evidence indicating the likely reputation improvement for each option.




Global manufacturer and leader in sustainability

Reputation Need – To heighten the reputation of a global haircare team within the wider business.  To define and enable their existing reputation capability to better deliver to the business both as individuals and as a collective.

What We Did  -  A two year programme focused on Reputation and Leadership of the team and individuals, including one to one coaching for the senior team.

Outcome – “helping us grow the people in our team from just turning up to work and operating unconsciously to truly understanding themselves ...these subtleties of interaction have made the difference between average working relationships and really great effective ones, which in turn leads us to be a more effective team” Shona Simmons, Global CTI Manager, Unilever.



International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation

Reputation Need – To understand and raise the global reputation of the mutual insurance model, worth 26% of the world’s insurance market. In particular, to strengthen the reputation of mutual insurers among global influencers and regulators.

What we did.  Reputation tracking across 42 countries in 16 languages to provide evidence and insight as to how the mutual sector is perceived and better understand regional differences.

Outcome – A four year programme of reputation insight and tracking at a global, regional and local level.  Regular reputation reporting to the global board and key note presentation of findings at international conferences. Resulted in a  re-directed strategy,  visibility at G20, increased visibility by 11%, share of voice by 93%, significant increase in earned content and positive sentiment. Stronger association with leadership and financial performance.




Corporate Reputation of RADA


Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Reputation Need – To gain strategic reputation insight between RADA and RADA in Business to better understand positioning of both RADA brands among stakeholders and among its competitors. To provide board insight on brand strategy and marketing and communications activity

What we did – Reputation tracking for both brands revealed the relationship between both and provided valuable insight to the RADA board and trust as to the realities, opportunities and threats available to them

Outcome - Clear evidence of the positioning of both RADA and RADA in Business informed strategies and allowed them to maximise the opportunity that reputation insight revealed. A stronger positiioning for them both.




Reputation need To raise awarenes of and engagement with a mass participation fundraising event.

What we did Worked across internal stakeholders including regions , public affairs, fundraising, digital engagement and public relations. We designed and implemented a regional media and online media campaign across 102 titles.

Outcome  102 media publications were engaged with at four key points throughout the campaign. Key profile pieces across all regional  radio and online publications including the MEN and LIverpool Echo. Creative contribution to national PR resulted in pieces campign being profiled in national papers and national radio stations.


Cisco Reputation tracking


Global technology provider with a particular focus on corporate customers across a range of markets.

Reputation Need - . To gain real time, detailed reputation insight in order to better understand how marketing and communications were influencing Cisco’s reputation;  relative to its competitors and in each corporate market.  To evidence which issues were driving current reputation for its corporate customers.

What we did – established quarterly reputation tracking that measures performance against a number of agreed KPIs across four markets, each benchmarked against the relevant set of competitors.

Outcome – It enables the Cisco teams to see the direct impact of their recent activity allowing them to constantly refine and refocus their efforts to create a rounded reputation and best match the concerns of their key audiences.


Enhancing reputation of Armstrong Craven

Armstrong Craven

Elite search, selection and talent consultancy

Reputation Need – To build reputation in areas of visibility, leadership and association with trust and expertise. Establishing voice as sector leader, digitally.

What We Did - We created a programme of content and used it to strengthen digital relationships and address areas of reputation weakness.

Outcomes - Regular profile in national media features including the FT, Times and specialist HR and business media. Profile supported new business approaches and relationship development.

Cooperative UK Reputation Measurement

Co-operatives UK

The trade body representing 6000 cooperative businesses in the UK including the Cooperative Group.

Reputation Need – Reputation Insight showed a reputation weakness in the cooperative model with a lack of association with strong financial performance.  The diversity and success of the sector was not widely known.

What We Did – Working with Cooperatives UK, we implemented ‘Co-operatives Fortnight’ an annual two week campaign for the movement. Included a ‘Co-operative Economy’ Report highlighting financial performance of the sector in comparison with the economy as a whole.

Reputation campaigns also focused on consumer and member engagement at a national and regional level

Outcome.  A significant shift in perceptions and understanding of the sector including national business journalists, politicians, business influencers, local communities and cooperative members and potential members.


One Family Reputation Management Merger and Aquisition

One Family

An new organisation formed from the merger of two significant businesses both serving the Junior ISA and over 50s insurance market.

Reputation Need – To track the internal and external reputation of the new organisation, post merger,  to support the values and culture in being embedded among staff and observed by external audiences.

What We Did – We established an annual reputation tracking study analysing 80 differing indictors of reputation as well as the external profile of the new brand. Working with HR Director to overlay cultural and behavioural measures.

Outcomes. -  A measured and smooth merger of cultures. The Insight provided strategic goals for each department to help ensure that reputation strategy was supporting business strategy. Reputation performance measures and objectives were set creating a coordinated organisation-wide strategy for reputation improvement.


Reputation of Cooperative Group

Co-operative Group

Public relations and communications team

Need.  Establishing the reputation of a new team, building reputation of the team in the organisation and personal and professional reputation development

What we did.  A ‘personal reputation’ workshop with the team.

Outcome. A team that was ‘enabled’ in reputation.  They began to understand their own capability to build reputation, examine the reputation they held and define the reputation they aspired to hold. Each team team member designed how their personal reputation could contribute to the objective of the team.



Australia’s leading professional indemnity insurer of medical practitioners

Need – To understand their reputation in relation to their major competitors to help them identify areas of competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market place.

What we did – A four year working relationship with measured reputation improvements. We created an annual reputation tracker among key influencers including current and potential members, medical professionals and media.  Tracking the profile of brand to understand how its reputation was being affected by their activities, including quantifying the reputation risk around an aborted merger.

Outcomes. Leadership team were provided with strategic insights for both the reputation of their own organisation and their competitors.  They were able to identify areas of opportunity to enhance reputation in support of business strategy.


Personal Reputation Development PA

PA Consulting.

Global consultancy technology and innovation.

Reputation Need – To provide personal reputation mastery to key partners who were responsible for business and sector development.

What we did – Worked with a small group of ten people identified as future leaders of the business to enable them to realise their reputation capability both at a personal level and at a professional level in support of their business area.

Outcome – Identified future leaders are conscious of their personal reputation and know how to enhance their reputation. Work included designing social media content and personal profile activity to complement their personal values and support their professional area.  



Chartered Institute Of Housing Associations

Reputation Need – Personal and professional development of CEOs

What we did – A two day workshop ‘personal and professional reptuation’

Outcome – CEOs understood the value of reputation, the capability of their housing association of influence reputation and the effective managmenet of reputation risk.  Each participant became articulate in reputation, comfortable in how to manage reputation and understood how to develop their personal and professional reputation.



Global Reputation for social impact Anglo American

Anglo American
One of the world’s largest mining companies


Reputation Need – To understand the reputation of their approach to creating a positive social impact in communities affected by its mining operations across the world.

What we did – Track the global reputation of the organisation for a variety of social impact themes (employment, health, clean water etc…) as well as benchmarking its reputation against other mining companies and global thought leaders in social impact measurement.

Outcome – Over a number of years Anglo American built and sustained a profile amongst the global thought leaders on creating positive social impact and is seen as ‘best in class’ amongst other mining companies for its approach and methodology towards assessing social impact.



Reputation of Facebook with small business

Online community and social network

Reputation Need – To be seen as the leading digital channel for connecting small businesses with their customers.

What we did – Track attitudes of small businesses towards the use of digital channels to help grow their businesses, comparing perceptions of Facebook with its main challengers (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google).

Outcome – Highlighted the key reputation drivers for this audience, helping Facebook to better target its communications and activity.  Facebook extended its dominant reputation amongst small businesses while that of other channels has continued to diminish.


British Academy

UK’s national body for humanities and social sciences

Reputaiton Need – To understand the reputation of language learning in the UK and help develop ways to promote a greater respect for language skills.

What we did – Detailed analysis of language learning, assessing its status in terms of academic achievement, business growth and personal wellbeing, highlighting key reputation drivers that would helped trigger positive reactions from target audiences.

Outcome – A successful campaign promoting language champions to UK audiences and underlining its strategic significance to UK plc.



Major International Airport

Reputation Need – To better understand its reputation for sustainability and environmental impact in the run up to the decision about the location of a new runway to serve the UK.

What we did – Analyse the nature of the reputation of Heathrow compared with other UK and global airports, highlighting the themes creating positive profile for the airport as well as the nature of the debate amongst the airport’s detractors.

Outcome – Supporting the long-term communications strategy for the airport’s sustainability programme, highlighting issues and audiences needing focus to ease the concerns of stakeholders.


Humanity United

Global Foundation

Reputation Need – Ahead of a push to address the issue of modern day slavery amongst EU audiences, insights into the differences between how the issue is viewed by US and EU stakeholders.

What we did – A detailed analysis of the reputation of this issue – including its visibility, understanding and the emotions connected with modern day slavery.

Outcome – Creating a strategy to engage and motivate an EU-wide audience.  Encouraging a switch away from legal definitions (e.g. illegal movement of people) and highlighting how modern day slavery is commonplace in communities across the region.  Also highlighting the need for high profile causes (Qatar World Cup Workers) and celebrity endorsement.



SC Johnson

Global Family Company

Reputation Need – Helping SJ Johnson understand its reputation as a ‘values-led’ business and tackle issues crucial to its key stakeholders.

What we did – Insight showing SJ Johnson’s status amongst organisations promoting a values-led approach to business and highlight key areas of reputation risk (e.g. concern over a lack of visibility over ingredients for some of its cleaning products).

Outcome – The strategy helped guide its policy of complete transparency for ingredients listings, setting a new standard for its global sector and meeting the concerns of stakeholders.




Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Reputation Need – RSPO wanted to stimulate debate about the future of palm oil and promote interest and demand for sustainable production.

What we did – Track global conversation about palm oil and sustainable palm oil, providing RSPO with an evolving picture of how the issue was perceived and being talked about.  Helping to guide its own communications and priorities, ensuring it was addressing the issues of most importance to global stakeholders.  Also, tracking risks to its reputation to ensure it could respond appropriately to concerns about the effectiveness of its certification process.

Outcome – Creating a dynamic strategy that was able to respond to the fast-changing global debate about palm oil, highlighting the relative significance of individual media, NGOs and issues.