September 2016

One Month On For Team GB Rio Olympians 2016 - What Now For Them And Their Personal Reputations

One month on from Rio and Team GB’s Gold medal Olympians are settling back to normal life having claimed the titles of being the best in the world.

Adam Peaty, Jason Kenny, Laura Trott, the list goes on.  For all, a lifetime's achievement has been accomplished and years of dedication and committment has paid off.   So what now for them?

In reputation terms they may never be more wealthy.   Their finally tuned machines of body and mind have been coached and trained allowing them to know exactly what it takes to achieve outstanding and sustained performance. As Olympians they have been catapulted to receiving national and global visibility, another powerful personal asset.

These levels of performance excellence and global visibility are attributes of reputation that are dreamed about for many brands or organisations.

They hold high amounts of equity in their banks of ‘personal reputation’ and that can now be spent wisely or frittered away.

As they begin to think about their next goals, it will be important for them to think about the other attributes that will affect their personal reputations.

  • The need is to be transparent and to stick with their values despite the many offers that they may received.  Passion is a must with these performers and for sustained and strong reputation their internal values must align with their external interests. ​


  • They will need to be consistent in what they select to do, ensuring their performance continues and their personal reputation capital provides good returns.


  • Where they have learned to stand out through performance, they must seek alternative ways to demonstrate their difference and to hold a unique position in the minds of the audiences they now wish to influence.


  • In whatever they do, their involvement and leadership and the investment of their own personal reputation.

And so the list goes on.  Whether they choose to be Becky Adlington setting up Swim Stars to inspire the next generation or Sir Chris Hoy as an ambassador and adviser for Pure Gym, the next goals of our Olympians have a strong chance of being achieved. Their personal reputations will play a huge part in that.


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